Comp / HF Limiter on The Beatles – Come Together


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Not really. I also wouldn’t assume a Fairchild was used on “Come Together.”

The solid state consoles that were used for Abbey Road had a limiter/compressor on every channel. I actually saw them the year before and was utterly amazed because nobody in the U.S. had that.
At that time we were using a Neumann cutting system HF limiter in the mix room and an Ortofon in the mastering room. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also using the Neumann, it sounded lots better than the Fairchild.


画像はGE BA-5A
by multiplying the frequency of the audio signal into above-sonic level, performing the compression operation on that multiplied audio, and then bringing that compressed signal back down to the original frequency… then you can add a VERY low high-pass filter and clear out all the thumping.